Beethoven – Violin Sonatas Nos 9 ‘Kreutzer’, 4 & 2

Diapason d’Or of the Year 2016 *****
Diapason d’Or 2016, category Chamber Music
Diapason d’Or 2016, category Best Sound recording
Choc Classica *****

What started as a one-off project has turned into a major journey. A fixed period of time has been transformed into something long-term. Our awareness of this stimulated the urge to keep a sort of log. To mark the stages we go through, and to let the public listen. So that’s what this recording is, no more, no less. A snapshot rather than an absolute statement. A logbook rather than a thesis. We hope that makes it all the more sincere.

— Julien Libeer & Lorenzo Gatto, from the liner notes

‘Think of the Grumiaux–Haskil duo. Admirable from the beginning till the end. The genesis of a great duo.’

— Diapason

‘Julien Libeer and Lorenzo Gatto cover the ground like thoroughbreds, with exemplary virtuosity. There are no big slow movements and many astonishingly quick ones where lightness predominates, allied to intensity.’

— Gramophone

‘A pleasantly invigorating and active performance. Julien Libeer and Lorenzo Gatto present a fresh approach; playful, light, sharply defined – but also with a singing quality.’

— Luister