• Bachtrack, Musée Dapper /2017

    “Julien Libeer’s readings are a formidable demonstration of musical spontaneity. He is all but a self-indulgent pianist : his renditions are never demonstrative, yet his simplicity never excludes richness of invention. Rather than overstating them, his musical ideas are always integrated to the story, without any didactic pretentions.” https://bachtrack.com/fr_FR/critique-julien-libeer-lorenzo-gatto-musee-dapper-auditorium-paris-mai-2017
  • Miami Piano Festival, South Florida Classical Review /2017

    “Libeer opened the program with Bach’s French Suite in G Major, a seven-part work originally written for harpsichord. Libeer displayed glistening, translucent tone in the first two sections, Allemande and Courant, then in the third section Sarabande previewed the subtle sense of timing and ability to portray tranquil moods that would prove to be his most remarkable attribute.” http://southfloridaclassicalreview.com/2017/05/julien-libeer-offers-mesmerizing-schubert-at-miami-piano-festival/#comments
  • Süd-Deutsche Zeitung /2016

    On the concert with Camille Thomas - München Philharmonie
    "Schubert's Arpeggione sonata was played very generously, precisely and with a great sense of detail and phrasing, with attention for the most subtle changes and nuances. The outstanding chamber music quality of their dialogue was part of what made this such a ravishing concert. Libeer is the more serene of the two. He sits behind the keyboard, and everything he does sounds true, with great economy of gestures, cristal-clear limpidity and intense expression."

    Full article (in German)
  • Klara's 10 (*****) /2016

    Five-star review in the Belgian national radio's selection of the week
    "2016 will be Julien Libeer's year. [...] What strikes immediately in his playing and interpretation, is the absolute clarity of discourse, the incredibly balanced melodic mastery, and the intelligent, almost intellectual construction of the overall strucure. Combine that with a flawless and crisp articulation, an extremely sensitive, almost obsessive attention to the slightest shades in color, and playful rythmic shifts, and one's in for a magical listening experience.
    The most wonderful thing of all is that Libeer posesses the wonderment of a child : no studied effects, no manerisms, just an interpretation as fresh as dawn. This is great repertoire, and great class."

    Full article (in Dutch)
  • Opusklassiek.nl /2016

    Full article (in Dutch)

    Libeer & Lipatti : obvious resemblances
    "In comparing [Lipatti and Libeer] to one another, one finds more resemblances than differences. Libeer's affection for Lipatti is not surprising. They may be children of totally different times, their intentions seem the same, and both Lipatti's and Libeer's idiosyncracies as players naturally merge in to one another, as if time's stood still.
    This is a posthumous but no less contemporary encounter between three masters of the keyboard : Lipatti, Ravel and Libeer. It makes this cd into a very special experience. A miracle, actually. Julien Libeer is a pianist of gigantic talent."
  • Demandez le programme (Musiq'3) /2016

    Interview on the release of Lignes Claires. (French-spoken)
  • Artamag' /2016

    Full review

    "...'Le Tombeau de Couperin'', probably one of the most perfect versions I have ever heard, elegant and menacing like Marcelle Meyer's version... [Julien Libeer] is a pianist with full mastery of his style, a playing of great clarity, subtlety and firmness."
  • De Standaard /2016

    Full article (in Dutch)

    "We have to continue to nurture our affinity with old music. Not to watch it with the eyes of today, but to develop our capacity to look at the world of today with the eyes of yesterday. There's lots of things to be learnt from that."
  • De Morgen /2016

    Full article (in Dutch)

    Are you a religious person?
    "That depends on the context. Put me in a room full of zealots and I'm an instant atheist. In a room full of atheists, I can get very religious!
    Making music, as such, is a rather transcendant occupation. As a musician, you get to deal with sound all day long. Sound may not be a paranormal phenomenon, but it is invisible. Added to that, it's mostly music from people who are long dead. On average, that music seems to touch me far more deeply than the one your regular living person offers me today. That's sometimes a disconcerting feeling..."
  • Agenda.be /2016

    ABC: Artisanship - Beethoven - Conversation
  • Diapason Magazine /2016

    5 Diapasons for Lignes Claires
    France's most prestigious classical music magazine has dedicated a five-star review to Libeer's latest recording of works by Maurice Ravel and Dinu Lipatti.

    "Il sent avec une justesse étonnante la diction, le ton si particulier de ces joyaux merveilleusement ouvragés. ... Un pianiste au jeu finement sensible, d'une précision singulière et animé d'un sens du récit jamais pris en défaut."

    full article in French
  • L'orient le jour (Lebanon) /2016

    Lebanon's national newspaper's interview with Julien, the day before his recital in the Beirut Chants festival...

    "Invité en concertiste absolu dans les salles les plus prestigieuses d'Europe (Paris, Barcelone, Madrid, Londres, Amsterdam), le voilà pour un concert unique ce soir dans le maillon des évènements du festival Beirut Chants, qui débarque dans l'effervescence de la capitale aux portes de Noël."

    full article in French
  • Double interview with Maria João Pires /2016

    Askonas Holt, the London-based agency responsable for Maria João Pires' Partitura Project, questioning her and Julien on its meaning and objectives, a few hours before their performance of Mozart's Double concerto at the London Barbican Hall.

    Full article
  • Julien's album /2016

    An intimate interview/portrait (in French)...
  • The National (Abu Dhabi) /2015

    An interesting review on Libeer's recital at the Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Festival, on March 13th.

    "When Libeer ended the performance with another characteristic deep breath and a lingering pause, the audience responded with a standing ovation, a just reward for an emotional performance by a hugely talented young musician."
  • The Art Desk /2014

    On Schubert's Fantasie in F minor with Maria João Pires in Bozar, Brussels :

    "... a stunning, transcendent reading, balanced yet fresh, enough to convince any listener that the work is a finely wrought masterpiece."

    The Art Desk

    (see the performance in media)
  • Le Soir /2013

    "His talents as a pianist are multiple : he's a soloist, gifted chamber musician (at the Avanesyan trio), but also a genious improvisor and a man of unlimited curiosity."

    full article
  • Damusic.be /2013

    "If you never went to a classical concert but love, say, Radiohead, you should get yourself a ticket for one of Julien Libeer's next concerts asap."

    the article in Dutch
  • Interview for the Ursel castle Magazine /2012

    read here (Dutch)
  • Klassiek Centraal awards Golden Label to the Trio Avanesyan /2012

    ''This is a trio of first-class international level.''

    Read here. (Dutch)
  • La Libre Belgique - Libeer, un art visionnaire et neuf /2011

    ''Pour son premier "grand" récital à Bruxelles, Julien Libeer, 24 ans, a choisi l’éclectisme, la découverte et la prise de risque, il a triomphé du tout...''

    Read here (French)
  • La Libre Belgique - Julien Libeer, l’ardeur et la sagesse /2011

    ''Vif, talentueux, passionné, Julien Libeer, 24 ans, s’est d’emblée imposé dans le milieu musical belge (et au-delà) comme une forte personnalité chez qui générosité et curiosité vont de pair...''

    read here (French)
  • Classiqueinfo.com - Juventus 2010 /2010

    "Julien Libeer, a wonderful Brahms player, who put an exceptional version of the Ballades Op.10 on the program of his first concert here two years ago, masters this music with a natural flow, proposes wonderful musical accents and ideas to his partners, follows the amorous duet of the strings fluently while always brilliantly conserving the architecture of the movements. … A great achievement."

    read here (French)
  • Knack 2010 /2010

    Interview in Flemish magazine Knack on being awarded the Young Musician of the Year Prize in 2010.

    Read here
  • Classiqueinfo.com - Juventus 2009 /2009

    "Julien Libeer confirms all the talent he demonstrated last year : he plays with uncommon strength, elegance and authority, and shows extreme attention to his musical partners."

    read here (French)
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